EPoS for Cafes

We provide ICRTouch ePOS systems for cafes that help you operate your business smoothly and efficiently. From order and food preparation to stock management and promotions, we help you deliver great customer service.

Pop-Up Venues

EPoS for Pop-Up Venues

A pop-up venue or event requires a lot of planning ahead of time. We provide solutions that are a good fit with temporary or seasonal pop-up venue or event businesses.

Arenas & Events

EPoS for Arenas & Events

Whether you manage a sports stadium, music arena, or theatre, we provide ePOS solutions that can handle the high pace of intermissions and pre-show traffic within the hospitality areas as well as the retail shops for merchandise sales.

School & Universities

EPoS for Schools & Universities

We provide EPoS solutions for school canteens, educational institutes and caterers. Control your catering finances, create a cashless environment, manage student and staff accounts and keep track of your stock.


EPoS for Nightclubs

In a Nightclub, speed of service is vital. We provide ICRTouch ePOS systems, which operates with minimum key presses optimising the speed of operation. Integrated card payments speed up the Point of Sale process, and reduces queues.

Members Clubs

EPoS for Members Clubs

We have a range of products to manage your point of sales and back office. Our ePOS Solutions are suitable for Exclusive Members-Only Clubs, Social Clubs, Golf Clubs, Sports Clubs and Leisure Centres.


EPoS for Hotels

Whether you are running a 5-star hotel, boutique B&B or a holiday park, we can provide an ICRTouch ePOS system that will help you manage a guest’s stay from check-in through to check out.


EPoS for TakeAways

ICRTouch, the complete solution for fast food outlets and quick service restaurants (QSR). Includes ePOS systems, interactive self service stations, digital signage, delivery driver management and online ordering. A complete package that allows you to take, process and deliver orders quickly and efficiently.


EPoS for Hospitality

ICRTouch Point of Sale Till Systems are designed for pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, quick service restaurants (QSRs), members clubs, nightclubs, schools and universities. ICRTouch is suitable for the small independents to large multi-site chains.


EPoS for Retail

We supply retail till systems powered by ICRTouch, which are flexible and feature rich. Perfect for grocery stores, clothing stores, convenience stores, department stores, trade stores, e-commerce and more.
Whether you are a small independent or large multi-site chain, we have the right software for you.


EPoS for Restaurants

Fast, easy to use and reliable, our ePOS systems are proven to cope with the demands of the Restaurant industry.
From order taking and food preparation to stock management and promotions, we help you deliver great customer service. Our systems help you operate your business smoothly and efficiently.

Pubs & Bars

EPoS for Pubs & Bars

We are a leading supplier of Bar ePOS systems, customised to your business so you don’t have to change the way you work.
From product promos, happy hour price changes, kitchen printing, customer display with adverts, and loyalty schemes. We provide ICRTouch EPoS till systems that help you operate your business smoothly and efficiently.